Did You Have an Orgasm When you Gave Birth?

Does childbirth = the Big O?

Um, I didn't. But apparently it is possible. Cafe Melisa over in the Pregnancy Buzz wrote a post about a new documentary film called Orgasmic Birth, which will be airing on 20/20 on January 2. For more details on the documentary, read "Orgasm During Labor & Delivery? Sign Me Up!" For more talk about childbirth and orgasms—keep reading.


ChazznRoccosmom asked "Orgasms during childbirth?" in the Advice for Moms group, and here are some of the responses she got:

"Hm, let me think.  I was either screaming in pain, or numb from waist down."—whoops2

"I don't know about the orgasmic part of it, because I had a C-section. But the labor leading up to it was no where near orgasmic."—lostmarbles0520

"I was screaming, dry heaving, sweating. But no orgasms. But I do remember when the placenta came out and I said really loudly, 'Oh God, that feels good.' And it did."—bubsmom04

Who knows? Maybe it depends on who your doctor is!

Okay, Baby Mamas, how about it? Did you experience the Big O—or anything close to it—during your labor and delivery?

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