Diaper Rash—Solved!

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That's what MarynmomofColby titled her journal post, and it certainly got my attention. After all, what Baby Mama doesn't want to know how to get rid of her little one's diaper rash? MarynmomofColby writes, "So you think you know it all until your baby gets diaper rash. Wow, I've learned a couple things in the past few months." If your baby is suffering, read what else she had to say.


"Diaper rashes aren't always easy to cure. When you figure out what works, don't quit."

1. Change the baby's diaper every 1/2 hour to hour (and immediately after baby poops)

2. Let the cute baby butt dry before you put on any medicine

3. Use a washcloth and water rather than wipes, or use wipes without alcohol

4. Don't "wipe," when cleaning, dab gently

5. Zinc Oxide, in its purest form, works best

If you want to see more of her diaper rash advice, read her post, Diaper Rash—Solved! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Marynmomofcolby!

If you'd like to see what various pediatricians have to say on the matter, including Dr. Sears and Dr. Greene, check out "Diaper Rash."

What's your tried-and-true method for treating diaper rash?

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