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20 Images That Capture the Magical Moment Parents First Saw Their Newborns (PHOTOS)

Baby Eve Vawter Feb 23, 2016

Nothing can prepare you for one of the most magical moments of child rearing -- the first instant you lay eyes on your newborn.

Marry Fermont, an extremely talented baby and birth photographer from the Netherlands, writes about her First Moments project

There are so many emotions in this moment: joy, relief, amazement, pride, love, euphoria, contentment and so many different reactions: smiles and tears. Moments of silence and moments of extreme joy. 

Marry also suggests we keep tissues handy while viewing these photos, and she is absolutely right.

Image via Marry Fermont Photography

Image via Marry Fermont

2Moms Can Feel Anything From Elation to Exhaustion ...

... and a lot of the times, both. 

Image via Marry Fermont 

3The First Moment Is Such a Special Moment ...

... because you aren't thinking of anything other than your baby. All vanity or modesty or worry goes right out the door and you are left with just this overwhelming relief. 

Image via Marry Fermont

5These Images Are So Powerful ...

... because we see ourselves and our own first moments in these moms. 

Image via Marry Fermont

6It's a Quiet Time ...

... between mom and baby, or between parents and baby-- before grandparents, younger siblings, and friends and relatives join in the welcoming of a new life. 

Image via Marry Fermont

8Sometimes Mom & Baby ...

... both cry together.

Image via Marry Fermont

9Whether Your Baby Is Born via C-Section ...

... or vaginal birth -- the emotions remain the same: that joy, elation, love, and exhaustion. 

Image via Marry Fermont

11Some Babies Are Covered ...

... with a lot of Vernix caseosa, and some aren't. Regardless, every baby is perfect as is. 

Image via Marry Fermont

12These First Images ...

... are sure to be treasured by parents forever. 

Image via Marry Fermont

14To the Joyous Moments ...

Nothing can prepare you for how you'll feel right when you meet your baby. 

Image via Marry Fermont

15Or How Your Partner ...

... will react meeting his or her child for the first time. 

Image via Marry Fermont

17Or Whether You Have Your Baby ...

... in a hospital ...

Image via Marry Fermont

18Or Whether You Have Your Baby ...

...in a birthing pool -- you will remember it forever. 

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