9 Baby Sleep Tricks From Moms Who've Tried Everything (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Jan 26, 2016 Baby
9 Baby Sleep Tricks From Moms Who've Tried Everything (PHOTOS)

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When you have a baby, there is one question that gets asked above all others: Is the baby a "good" sleeper? And as all parents know, the answer to that question isn't a simple yes or no.

The truth is that some babies are easier to get to sleep than others, but thanks to sleep regressions and teething and just plain fickleness, all parents will struggle with getting their baby to sleep at some point.

So, what do you do when your little one needs a little help getting his or her snooze on? You turn to other moms for help, of course! Read on for sleep-inducing tricks and tips from moms who've survived their fair share of sleepless nights and lived to tell about it. 

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  • Turn on a Fan



    "The best advice I have is to turn on the ceiling fan in the nursery, if you have one. Charli seems to do so much better with a little extra white noise, and I think watching it seems to help her settle down. My doctor suggested it because it can also reduce the risk of SIDS. That helps me sleep better too." -- Kari S., Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Try Swaddling


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    "All hail the burrito baby! Try a variety of swaddle blankets before giving up on swaddling. It really does help a lot of babies get to sleep. And, honestly, they look so cozy and cute too." -- Gina S., St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Do a Slow Dance


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    "My son hates to sleep. He fights and fights and then gets overtired and is basically a hot mess express. I've found that if I put him on my shoulder and turn off the lights and then turn on some soft music, I can 'dance' him to sleep. I sway back and forth and then do some side-to-side shuffles. He's a chunk of a boy at 17 pounds, so I count this as my daily workout." -- Teri J., Lexington, Kentucky

  • Bounce On an Exercise Ball


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    "When my daughter is too fussy to get to sleep, I put her on my lap and bounce with her on the exercise ball. The motion seems to calm her down enough to get her to into the usual go-to-bed routine without an overtired meltdown." -- Sarah F., Tucson, Arizona

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  • Get Closer


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    "Wearing my baby and going for a walk outside never failed to get me a nap on the days when nothing else worked!" -- Annie K., Albany, New York

  • Use a Two-Step Plan


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    "I like to use a two-step plan when the usual sleep routine doesn't work, like when my baby isn't feeling well or is going through some weirdo sleep phase. I start by giving him a bath and then I dry him off, diaper him, and then wrap both of us up in a towel for skin-to-skin contact. Works like a charm!" -- Tess B., Davenport, Iowa

  • Double Up on Diapers


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    "I'm a cloth diaper mama, and I always tell other moms who cloth diaper to use an extra insert or liner for the nighttime so that an overly wet diaper isn't waking up the baby. Absorbing more might help them sleep more comfortably." -- Susie R., Boston, Massachusetts

  • Embrace the Car Nap


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    "I've learned to embrace the car nap! It never fails that when I drop my older kid off for preschool, the baby falls asleep in the car. Trying to get him out of the seat and into the crib never worked and then he'd be up after 15 minutes when he really needed an hour. Now I make sure I use the bathroom before we go, I get a nice coffee on the way, and I keep a book in the car. I drop kid #1 off and if kid #2 falls asleep on the way home, I park the car in the driveway and read my book until he wakes up. Nap saved and I get to have some downtime!" -- Melissa H., San Diego, California

  • Do What Works


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    "I believe in sleep by any means necessary. Your kid will only sleep in the swing? Fine! Needs to be rocked to sleep? Okay! Nurses to sleep? Whatever!

    "Basically, my point is this: They will probably not go to college needing to be rocked to sleep, so don't beat yourself up if you don't put your kid to sleep the 'right' way, whatever that is." -- Monica G., Grand Rapids, Michigan

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