7 Exciting Baby Food Milestones Beyond the First Solids

There's something so exciting about the transition from formula or breast milk to solid foods. Your baby is sitting upright, has doubled her weight, is able to grasp small objects, and is ready to move beyond liquid nutrition. 


When you get your pediatrician's okay to start solids, those first bites are exciting. But here are other food milestones your baby and toddler will experience that you're going to want to watch.

Baby's First Ice Cream 

This is probably the biggest food milestone, maybe even bigger than baby's first cake. There's nothing like seeing a little baby try melty ice cream for the first time, especially when she ends up wearing more than she eats. 

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Baby's First Cake 

The majority of parents wait until that first birthday to let their baby go to town on cake and frosting, which usually results in a smash cake that the baby can destroy. It's a moment all parents want to have their cell camera ready for! 

Baby's First French Fry 

This one is a sore spot for me, because when my daughter was an infant and she'd never had anything pass her lips that wasn't from bottle or breast, my mother gave her a french fry. Her first french fry. Her first solid food, period. Without my knowing or seeing. She hadn't even had rice cereal yet! I should have been the one to give her this salty, starchy goodness! 

 Baby's First Lemon 

There's a reason parents love giving babies their first taste of lemons. Because the sour faces they make are hilarious. 

Baby's First 'O' Cereal 

There's a reason this is usually baby's first finger food. The 'O' shape makes it basically impossible for baby to choke on it, and it helps baby learn what his fingers are for and practice grasping skills. 


Baby's First Spaghetti 

There is nothing cuter than seeing a baby with a face full of red sauce. 

Baby's First Foot 


Okay, so this one isn't really a food, but how cute is it when baby first learns how to stick his foot into his mouth ... and then he never stops doing it?

Get your camera ready, make sure you only introduce one solid food at a time to watch for allergies, and enjoy these milestones. Before you know it, baby will be ready for her first tacos. 


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