This Surprisingly Cute CPR Video Could Save Your Baby's Life (VIDEO)

cpr st john ambulanceAccording to a recent poll, the biggest fear for most parents is that their baby will stop breathing -- but only one in four would actually know what to do in that unbelievably scary situation. That's why the international first aid charitable organization St. John Ambulance has created a new video that teaches parents the fundamentals of infant CPR via a clever, catchy song!


In times of emergency, it can be next to impossible to remember even the most basic facts (like your name or address!), let alone all the steps to saving a life. But the good news is you'll probably never be able to get this song out of your head, so the useful tips therein might be impossible to forget! Check it out:

Don't be nurface! Seriously though, this is an incredibly helpful video. To be informed is to be in control. So it's definitely worth it for every parent to commit these potentially life-saving steps to memory, even if you're secretly afraid you wouldn't know how to actually carry them out if the time ever came -- God forbid!

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That's always been my fear, at least. Sure, I've taken infant and child CPR courses, but those dummies aren't very lifelike! It's gotta be a lot harder on an actual kid! Still, I'm thankful to be reminded of how the whole process should work. So, just to review:

Call 911. (If you're alone, give CPR for one minute before calling and take the baby with you to the phone.)

Put your lips around your baby's mouth and nose and blow steadily for up to one second, giving 5 total puffs.

Use two fingers in the center of the chest to give 30 pumps at a rate of 100-120 per minute.

Repeat with two puffs and 30 pumps until the ambulance arrives.

Hey, if puppets can do it, so can you!


Image via St John Ambulance/YouTube

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