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10 Lovable Newborns Photographed With Their Family Pet (PHOTOS)

Baby Tanvier Peart Feb 1, 2016

Newborn and pet photography, credit Photography by Asiya

If you're a new parent, there's probably a good chance you've been thinking about those oh-so-adorable poses to capture the perfect newborn photo.

Some might use darling props, while others look for a striking backdrop. Have you ever considered incorporating your family pet?

Asiya Khaki is a New York City-area photographer who shot the most cuddly babies you'll see, next to their furry best friends.



Image via Photography by Asiya

Image via Photography by Asiya

1The inspiration

"Many of my sessions take place on location, and when I travel to clients' homes, I witness so much love between not only the new parents and the infant, but often times the excited family dog or cat," reveals Khaki. "I couldn't resist capturing the love between all members of this growing family."

Image via Photography by Asiya


In case you're wondering, it's not extremely difficult to photograph baby and animal. "Pets are a bit like toddlers because both have really short attention spans," notes Khaki. "I make sure everything is set up before I attempt to capture an interaction."

Image via Photography by Asiya

4The end result

Parents just love the end result. In fact, many feel it's a wonderful way to incorporate the loves of their lives into a single keepsake. "They love and care for the pet with so much compassion that it's only natural for them to get really excited to see candid photographs of their 'children,'" adds Khaki.

Image via Photography by Asiya

5Love of newborns

Asiya has a special place in her heart for newborns and family photography. Prior to starting her own company, Asiya once worked at as newborn photographer inside hospitals -- and photographed over 2,000 babies in a span of two years.

Image via Photography by Asiya

6Passion for newborns

Asiya is extremely passionate about capturing portraits, and all the creativity and challenges that come with the territory. "Newborns [in particular] are small for such a short period of time. It's a time that's filled with lots of changes for new parents ... and often very little sleep," admits Khaki.

Image via Photography by Asiya

7Advice for those interested

Interested in newborn/pet photography? Asiya recommends parents focus on baby's safety -- including hygiene. "I always make sure a baby is safe, first and foremost," says Khaki. "And for hygiene, I prioritize this by washing everything that a baby comes in contact with before and after a shoot."

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Image via Photography by Asiya

8Special newborn and pet bond

While everyone's taste and preference will vary, Asiya loves taking newborn and pet portraits. She says it's a really cute way to capture the special bond and interaction between the two.

Image via Photography by Asiya

9Unforgettable moments

In fact, having two unpredictable muses like an infant and family pet can yield unforgettable moments. "One sweet memory I remember capturing was of an older dog," explains Khaki. "He rested his head next to the baby and then gave the baby a lick on the head. My heart melted watching this unfold before my eyes. The dog has since passed, and I know the photograph is a really amazing memory for the parents who lost their dog of over 13 years."

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