4 Ways Your Cell Phone Habit Could Hurt Your Newborn

Young mother in home office with computer and her daugher

As wonderful as the latest and greatest gadgets are, did you know they contribute to your daily interruptions, which can negatively impact your bundle of joy? Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, believe inattentive moms yield babies with poor brain development -- and this includes those moms who are constantly on their cell phones.


While smart devices aren't fully to blame, experts at the university's Conte Center on Brain Programming in Adolescent Vulnerabilities have noted their appeal, and our constant draw to their lure.

Seeing as infants depend on Mom's constant nurturing, too many frequent distractions can lead to the following effects in newborns.

  1. Stunt baby's developing brain. As scary as this sounds, researchers at the University of California, Irvine, are convinced sporadic and inconsistent maternal care can limit the growth of a baby's neuron networks.
  2. Lead to a life of drugs and alcohol. Don't be too surprised if your "unpredictable ways" create addiction in your child's life. According to the experts, moms who fail to limit cell phone use and other distractions run the risk of their LO having a drug and alcohol problem.
  3. Cause poor emotional health. Sadly, vulnerability to emotional disorders -- including depression and general unhappiness -- is a strong possibility that will likely influence adolescent and adult behavior.
  4. Manifest pleasure-seeking ways. Experts deduce that immature dopamine-receptor pleasure circuits in newborns (remember, your distractions can hamper your child's brain development) will likely create future thrill seekers, who will do the extreme to feel any bit of stimulation they can.

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Can we talk?

Okay, so I know these experts are trying to give moms everywhere stats to help us become better parents and all ... but this sounds crazy! For starters, the study was conducted on rats (yes, rats). Last time I checked, those furry creatures don't have family plans, or the need to shoot a text message to a friend or family member.

Another issue I have with this study is that it focused on the "emotional health" of rats in both calm and chaotic environments. This alone leaves so much room for interpretation. Does this mean moms who use their smartphone devices a little more than others create a household in disarray? Are you deemed calm if you don't pick up any electronic devices, and give your baby your undivided attention 24/7?

As much as we could all use time away from our cell phones, I think this is reaching a bit.

Drug addiction and neurological issues?




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