15 Best Breastfeeding Stories of 2015 (PHOTOS)

Kenrya Rankin | Dec 24, 2015 Baby
15 Best Breastfeeding Stories of 2015 (PHOTOS)

While the movement to normalize breastfeeding endured more than its share of trolls this year, there are some superstars out there who made us stand up and cheer. 

Here are the 15 best breastfeeding stories of 2015, and here's to a 2016 free of eye-rollingly ignorant breastfeeding objections. 


Image via Ivette Ivens Photography

  • Packing Our Bags


    Image via Tanya Little/Shutterstock

    Discrimination rages against women who nurse their children in public in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But city officials fired back this year with a bill that fines any organization that attempts to stop a woman from breastfeeding, to the tune of $150.

  • Put'em Away! Not.


    Image via Kristina Kuzmic

    In her hilarious satirical video, “4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public,” Kristina Kuzmic employed humor to take down the common arguments people use to tear down moms who breastfeed their hungry kids in public. It’s funny because, ladies—unless they’re dairy-free. Then show them off.”

  • Committed


    Image via Goldman Environmental Prize

    Twenty-one years ago, Phyllis Omido’s son fell ill after nursing at her breast. Once she realized that pollution from a local factory was poisoning mothers and children in her Kenyan community, she founded the Center for Justice Governance & Environmental Action. And this year, she won Goldman’s Environmental Prize for her activism.

  • It's About Time


    Image via George Hammerstein/Corbis

    As of September, a new law requires the State of Texas to provide all public employees with “reasonable accommodations” for pumping at work, from breaks to private spaces.

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  • Fists Up!


    Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News/Corbis

    In September, actress and breastfeeding advocate Alyssa Milano made it clear that she cares not at all about what trolls say about her posting pictures of feeding time online: “I’m going to keep breastfeeding, maybe even until [Elizabella is] 6!”

  • Ethereal Mamas


    Image via Ivette Ivens Photography

    Photographer Ivette Ivens imagined breastfeeding moms as goddesses, and the result was breathtaking.

  • Bullseye


    Image via  John Greim/LOOP IMAGES/Loop Images/Corbis

    Photos of Target’s breastfeeding policy made the Internet rounds, making it clear that moms are welcome to nurse anywhere in the store, and telling associates how to respectfully interact with them.

  • Cover Star


    Image via Elle

    Elle Australia devoted the subscriber edition of its June cover to a photo of model Nicole Trufino nursing her son, Zion. Not only did the magazine welcome the child on at the cover shoot, but they also thought the image was worth sharing with the world.

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  • Literally


    Image via Breastfeeding Mama Talk

    When a business posted a sign telling moms to cover up when nursing, Breastfeeding Mama Talk did just that -- to hilarious effect. The campaign quick caught fire, as moms began posting their own covered-up pictures with the hashtag #ThisIsHowWeCoverBFMT.

  • No Shame Here


    Images via Natalie McCain/The Honest Body Project

    Anyone who has gotten the question “You’re still breastfeeding?!” knows how annoying it can be to have people judge the way you choose to nourish your child. Photographer Natalie McCain’s photo series “We Are Not Still Nursing, We Are Just Nursing” goes a long way to illustrate the beauty of families who nurse beyond 12 months.

  • Family Matters


    Image via Vogue Netherlands

    Magazines continue to make inroads in this area. In its March issue cover feature, Vogue Netherlands used an image of model Doutzen Kroes breastfeeding her baby while her partner snuggled with their son.

  • All Together Now


    Image via Oleksiy Maksymenko/imageBROKER/Corbis

    After a mom posted on Facebook about being forced out of a Marshalls fitting room and told to nurse in a bathroom stall, a group of 20 local moms gathered at the store for a nurse-in.

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  • Like a Boss


    Image via Klaus Tiedge/Corbis

    A photo of Argentine National Congress member breastfeeding while making laws circulated on the Internet, giving the world an honest view of how some mothers balance it all. 


  • Under the Radar


    Image © iStock.com/dbabbage

    In August, Illinois passed a law that requires Chicago’s airports to provide lactation rooms for passengers. And there is pending federal legislation that would require all medium and large airports to follow in their footsteps. Here's to easier travel!

  • Change of Heart


    Image via iStock.com/Halfpoint

    When a Florida woman was thrown out of a restaurant for breastfeeding her child, she posted about the incident online. What happened next was not typical: The owner apologized, vowed to make his restaurant breastfeeding-friendly, and even retrained his staff.

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