16 Times Breastfeeding Moms Were Openly Shamed in 2015 (PHOTOS)

Kenrya Rankin | Dec 22, 2015 Baby
16 Times Breastfeeding Moms Were Openly Shamed in 2015 (PHOTOS)

Breastfeeding in public is becoming more and more accepted, but there are still plenty of business owners, church officials, and even cops and other moms, who take offense to -- gasp! -- a mom feeding her hungry child from her breast, in view of others. The worst part is, they have no qualms about insulting moms or kicking them out on the spot.

From the rude to the just plain crude, these are the 2015 breastfeeding news stories that made us scratch our heads, protest and double down on our commitment to normalize breastfeeding. Let moms be moms!


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  • You're a Doctor?


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    When Florida mom Nichole Moore went to see a psychiatrist last June to address concerns that she may have postpartum depression, she didn't expect her doctor to kick her out for breastfeeding her new daughter. Why did she get the booy? Her doctor was "uncomfortable."

  • Too Little Information


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    Today host Hoda Kotb told her four million-plus viewers that sharing breastfeeding pictures on social media is “TMI,” or too much information. Moms staged a nurse-in to school her on the importance of the #NormalizeBreastfeeding movement.

  • Some Nerve


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    In March, a United Airlines male flight attendant thought it was okay to literally throw a blanket at Kristen Hilderman’s husband and instruct him to help his wife cover up while she nursed her son in a breastfeeding tank top.

  • Was She Packing Heat?


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    A security guard at an Ocean City, Maryland, casino forced mom Alanna Panas to leave the empty lobby to nurse her 7-week-old because the baby was a “security threat.”

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  • Piece of Work


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    In August, the New Jersey mom of a 3-month-old baby girl was fired from her job as a receptionist at a Hampton Inn because management felt she took too many breaks to pump breast milk.

  • Bad Ruling


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    During a custody hearing, an Australian judge ordered a mom to stop breastfeeding her son for three months because she had a tattoo and he felt she was putting the boy at risk for HIV. BTW: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are zero known cases of the disease being transmitted via tattooing (in the United States).

  • House of...No


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    In June, Tanya Ogle was asked to leave her Indiana church because she refused to cover her son when she nursed him during services. She found a new church.

  • No Love


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    Flight attendants are on a roll: In October, an American Airlines crew member ordered Mariana Hannaman to leave the bathroom where she was pumping (even though she had already cleared it with the people waiting in line) and humiliated her in front of nearby passengers. 

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  • Twitter Shame


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    A Goodwill employee tweeted her dismay at seeing a woman breastfeeding in the store, saying, "I don't like seeing t--- in a public place unless it's a strip joint," and that "she shouldn't have taken her baby shopping." Another employee joined the shame circle via the official company Twitter account.

  • No Fun For You


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    All Utah mom Sadey Holmes wanted to do was watch her toddler son play at Sky Trampoline Arena, but when she took a moment to breastfeed him, the manager yelled, "We don't do that. Get out!" She called police to report harrassment and discrimination.    

  • Musical Chairs


    Image via Caroline Combs Hoffman

    When Caroline Combs Hoffman took her son to the locker room at her LA Fitness to nurse, an employee told her it wasn't allowed. She was told she would have to relocate either to a bathroom or a chair by the front door. The district manager apologized after she posted about the experience on Facebook.

  • No Surprise Here


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    In July, the world learned that presidential candidate Donald Trump called an attorney who paused depositions to pump "disgusting."

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  • So, Just Kale, Then?


    Image via SPRS

    Brazil's Pediatric Society of Rio Grande decided to shame moms with ads that essentially say that if a woman eats a hamburger or a doughnut, she's not fit to nurse her child. 

  • Dead Air


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    Colorado Springs radio personality Derreck Rusch said that women are committing incest when breastfeeding their children, and that the only time nursing is appropriate is at a strip club or Hooters. 

  • So Disrespectful


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    An Omaha police officer interrupted Rosalyn Mizzell while she was breastfeeding at a school meeting, saying, "Don't do that in front of me. Have more respect for yourself and for everybody else here." She then threatened Mizzell with a ticket for indecent exposure.

  • Special Delivery


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    Two days in a row, Raven Dibble of Janesville, Wisconsin, was told to either cover up while breastfeeding or leave a post office. In Wisconsin, as well as 48 other states, women has the right to breastfeed whenever and however they like. The U.S. Postal service later apologized for the incidents.

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