Things Parents Must Do In Baby's 1st Year

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Dreft.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

I remember the first year of Mattie’s life.  It was unbelievable to watch Mattie grow. From one day to the next she learned new things, became more alert, affectionate, and started her adventure on becoming who she is today.  Children grow up too fast and many times we don’t realize it until it is too late; which is why I wanted to share a few things parents must do in baby’s first year.


1.) Find mommy friends who understand your position in life -  Having children and friends without children isn't always easy because they can still go-go-go and well, with kids it's not nearly as easy.  I'm not saying delete all your friend’s numbers who don't have children and move so they can't find out.  However, going to hang out at the mall with a baby isn't going to be as fun as it used to be, for either of you.

I found myself ditching the mall for a friend’s house.  We get together several times a week, let the kids play and chat about adult stuff, in adult voices, its great!  Plus, I love having other moms I can turn to when I have questions about things like infant and baby laundry soap. 

When I had Mattie I tried to have everything ready.  I'm going to be honest, being a first-time mommy I didn't even think about special laundry soap for my baby’s delicate skin.  Thankfully my sister-n-law, who's one of my best friends introduced me to Dreft.  Come to find out Dreft has been trusted by moms for more than 80 years and has specially made products for your baby’s different stages, because infants’ and babies’ messes are entirely different. 


2.) Pictures and videos – OMG, NEVER put down your camera!  Seriously, you’ll never get enough of these photos; I say to invest in a smartphone with an excellent camera because you'll want to catch all the smiles and giggles - and remember to keep your eye out for all the milestones baby will be experiencing. 

Take plenty of pictures you'll be glad you did.

3.) Make a Baby's 1st Year Scrapbook – Have fun and do something special for baby now that they will appreciate when they are older.  Things like this make the most meaningful gifts down the road.

4.) Take a photo a day – I wish I would have taken a picture of Mattie every day the first year of her life.  They grow and change so much it would be awesome to see how much your baby changes.  

5.) Find yourself a good babysitter that you trust, and CALL HER (cleaning is a HUGE perk)! –Having a new baby can be stressful on both of you, and it's easy to pull away from one another without realizing it because you're tired, stressed or just need a break.  

Before children my husband and I were always doing things together.  Unfortunately, when Mattie was born things changed and not for the better.  We went out less, which eventually turned into never and eventually splitting up.  It happened so fast, one day we were happy and the next we hardly talked. We got too wrapped up in life and put one another on the backburner for too long.  We worked things out and realized just how important our relationship is, not only to use, but the kids too.  When it was all said and done the only thing we needed from one another was time and love.  Now we make it a point to spend quality time together several times a week.  We don’t always go out sometimes it’s a movie after the kids go to bed, but when we do go out we need a sitter we can trust & you will too!

Hey and you never know you might even luck out and find a sitter who will clean up the house and do a load of the baby’s laundry while you’re out.  My sister is our sitter and she does it for us all the time, just to help out, but I still slip her a little extra cash because I appreciate it so much. 

6.) Slow down and remember to enjoy each moment – PLEASE, slow down and enjoy the moment it's easy to miss moments when you are consumed by everything else.  I remember my mom telling me this, I didn't understand until I had children.  Before I had Mattie I honestly didn’t even realize that babies have a certain smell, now it’s my favorite smell.  I love using Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Booster because it keeps her smelling like a baby just a little bit longer. 

Looking back, everything happened so quickly.  Mattie was a newborn and we were using Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Laundry Detergent because it’s tough on all those stains only newborns can make yet gentle on their delicate skin.  Before we knew it she was more active, which meant making bigger messes.  Mattie was such a messy baby, lol.  Her nickname is Messy Maddie Lou because I couldn’t keep up with her messes, lol.  If your active baby is the same, toss her in the bath and trust Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby with her clothing because it removes 99% of dirt, grass and baby food stains. 

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7.) Celebrate milestones in a memorable way – I remember when my mom gave me a bunch of my things from when I was a child.  She saved them all those years and to this day they are priceless. I love looking back at them, it’s like a little piece of my history, who I was, and the fact that my mom saved them made me feel super special and I want to do something similar for my children, starting from the day they are born.

Witnessing baby reaching milestones is exciting, not just for baby but parents too!  Celebrating milestones are a fun way to make something fun to give to your child later.  Grab a book, decorate a box, or dedicate a section in your scrapbook to baby's milestones. Have a good time with it, now and then toss in a USB with some pictures as well as anything else you can muster up and start celebrating those milestones.  Maybe a cute little graduation as baby graduates from a newborn to an active, mobile babyYou could even get balloons! 

The way I look at things is my kids are only children once and it’s my job as their mother to provide them with the best childhood I can. Until my children are grown I plan on doing my very best to give them the best childhood possible.  Plus, the more you smile and laugh the more memories you’ll share and the closer bond you’ll have with one another!

What is something you would recommend new moms do in the 1st year of their baby’s life?


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