Tips for Babyproofing Your Home

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I think every mom has two thoughts when they see their baby crawl or scoot for the very first time:

“Yay! What an amazing milestone!”


“Oh jeez. Time to babyproof the house from top to bottom!”

I know when my first son started to get around the house on his own, I worried about all sorts of things. Most of them never happened, but I was determined to make our home a safe place that he could explore and enjoy!

If you’re facing those first crawling moments with your own baby, here are some tips for keeping your house safe and sound while your little ones romp around it!


Kitchen & Bathroom

Since both of these rooms have lots of things that baby can get into, making sure you’ve latched your cabinets is a big must during baby’s time of exploration. You might even want to think about one of those neat fixtures that keeps your toilet closed, just in case your child is as curious as my Charlie, who I once found emptying an entire box of tissues and a pack of crayons into the toilet, warranting a call to our plumber!

The Stairs

A baby gate installed at the top of an open staircase can help give you peace of mind. If you’re not sure about installation, hire someone to install it for you so that you know it’s super safe!

The Living Room

In the living room, especially if you have an adventurous little one, you might want to think about securing bookshelves to the wall in case your crawler turns into a climber! Bookcases just look like mountains to conquer, don’t you think? ;)

There are lots of things to consider when baby starts to crawl, both inside and out. In addition to keeping them safe and happy, you also want to keep their clothing in top shape -- since they are now entering the phase of life where the knees and bums of all outfits start to show much more wear and tear and dirt!

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You want to spend your time enjoying your baby during this amazing time in their life -- so let Dreft take care of the mess!

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How did you start to babyproof when your little one became more mobile?

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