New Mom Schools Husband on How to Care for Their Baby & His Response Is Brilliant (PHOTO)

Things to do in notebookMost -- if not all -- of us are guilty of feeling a little anxious when we're not with our kids. Sure, our nerves eventually calm down with time, but my goodness, there can be sooo many emotions that fill our heads. A husband and new dad posted a funny "instructions" list his wife made for him, and it's gone viral.


The list of instructions recommendations left by Mom was enough to help Jacob take care of their 3-month-old during her two-day absence.

As you can see, Mom thought of just about everything.

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OMG, this is so detailed!

I can relate to having certain feelings about my children's well-being. Granted, I don't recall writing a list of instructions for my husband, but I have been known to call one too many times -- you know, to see if the kiddos are fed, and didn't burn down the house.

Hey, it happens.

At least Dad -- sorry, King Jacob -- had a fun response, as he likely understands the nervousness that comes with the parenting territory ... especially when you're new to the game.

It'll get easier!



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