5 Places to Keep an Emergency Stash of Diapers

baby with its feet up

You packed up that diaper bag and all its dozens of pockets with the essentials, non-essentials and just-in-cases, vowing never to leave home without it. But then along came a thing called reality. These days you consider yourself lucky if you don’t forget the baby, let alone the diaper bag!

Here are five places to stash a stack of diapers – just in case!


In the Car
In your car, in your husband’s car, in every car you ever drive! Keep a pack of Pampers in the trunk – just remember to replenish as you use them.

In Your Purse
When you’re in a frantic rush, you’re more likely to grab your purse than the diaper bag. Because face it, that’s where your credit cards are!

At Grandma’s House
And Aunt Janice’s house, and cousin Jennifer’s apartment, and anywhere else you visit frequently. They’ll be happy to give you space on a shelf in the linen closet for your baby supplies. It’ll make them feel as special as they are.

In Your Work Bag
Stash one or two in the pocket of your work or computer bag, because there’s going to be that inevitable day when you rush from work to daycare to the pediatrician and forget to grab the baby’s bag (with its own stash of spare diapers) from daycare.

In Your Disaster Kit
Although of course we hope that the biggest disaster you’ll ever face will be forgetting your diaper bag, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. When you put together your home disaster preparedness kit, add some Swaddlers, just in case!

Where have you been stranded without a diaper for your baby?


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