Adventurous First Foods of Babies Around the World

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Bananas, sweet potatoes, and avocados often make the cut as the first foods for babies in the United States; many of us also kick off solids with baby cereal. But how about fish, seaweed, and peanuts? Check out the eclectic first foods parents in other countries feed their babies.


To some of us, the things people around the world feed their little ones might seem strange or adventurous. (Some of the foods I don't even have a taste for -- but I'll admit I'm a slightly picky eater for an adult.) But I think we can learn a thing or three about what others are giving their babies as first foods.

At the very least, I hope this list will inspire parents to introduce more flavors to their early eaters (with their pediatrician's okay, of course), perhaps allowing them to expand their palate and maybe, just maybe, prevent them from growing into school-age kids who'll only eat pizza and mac and cheese. Hey, it's worth a shot.


We wish we'd thought of #10! What first food did you feed your baby?


 Image via ©eranyardeni/iStock

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