3 Essential Time-Saving Tips for New Moms

mom with newborn baby

Of all the changes that happen when you become a new mom, one of the hardest to get used to is the new clock you live by. It ticks faster than it ever did before. Entire stretches of the day disappear while you’re still in your pajamas, stealing super-fast showers, and picking at muffins between diaper changes and naps.

There’s no magic wand to stop the clock, of course, but there are a few things you can do to make the most of your time while you’re caring for a new baby.

  1. Don’t take ANY downtime for granted. As soon as your baby shuts his eyes for a nap, kick yourself into gear and do the one thing that’s on top of your list. Whether it’s a quick shower, a kitchen counter wipe-down, a phone call to your mom, or your own nap (seriously – you probably need it!), do it right away. By accomplishing one task, no matter how inconsequential it seems, you’ll feel better about yourself the rest of the day.
  2. Discover new ways to multitask. There are going to be times when your baby just does not want to be put down – and that’s totally normal and healthy, if not a tad inconvenient. With the help of a baby carrier or sling, you can transform these clingy moments into spurts of productivity. Take laundry, for instance. You can wear your baby while you sort, wash, and put away everyone’s clothes. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, pause to take a deep, relaxing breath and take in the sweet, soothing scent of Dreft Stage 1: Newborn as you fold each of your baby’s tiny outfits.
  3. Be prepared! Babies are unpredictable, so staying even one small step ahead of the game will help save your sanity. Have your partner do some meal prep on Sunday to streamline dinners later in the week. Keep a diaper bag packed at all times and restock it nightly before you go to bed. And keep your phone in your hand so you can capture pics of every fast-moving minute!

What are some of your time-saving tips?


Betsy Voreacos is a freelance writer and blogger who lives with her family a stone’s throw from Manhattan. 

Image ©iStock.com/ChristinLola

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