7 Adorable Babies Whose Bibs Totally Came to the Rescue (PHOTOS)

CafeMom Contributors | Nov 20, 2015 Baby

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These babies don’t mess with stains, and neither should you. (Thank goodness for laundry’s little helper, Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby liquid detergent!) Here’s what these hilarious little guys and girls would say about messy mealtimes if they were allowed to talk with their mouths full. 

What messy foods does your baby love to eat?

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Image courtesy of Amanda Genge

  • Keep Calm and Eat Squash

    Image ©iStock.com/jaclynwr

    “Just calm down and remember what you’ve always told me about pureed squash: It’s more afraid of you than you are of it.”

  • Burger Baby


    Image courtesy of Amanda Genge

    “I don’t care that I have no teeth. See this bib? I AM READY FOR THAT BURGER.”

  • Plate-Licking Good


    Image courtesy of Amanda Genge

    “For the record, I am not covering my face in shame for having made such a mess. I’m just licking frosting off the plate.”

  • Post-Lunch Snuggle


    Image ©iStock.com/gdinMika

    “Full belly, warm hugs, can’t lose.”

  • Nope!


    Image courtesy of Amanda Genge

    “Thank goodness you put this bib on me, because I can assure you that none of these sweet potatoes are actually staying in my mouth.”

  • Using Her Noodle

    Image ©iStock.com/mdmilliman

    “Just call me Pasta La Vista Baby.”  

  • Whoops!


    Image courtesy of Amanda Genge

    “Wait, what? Where’s my bib? Oh sorry, you didn’t see that I ripped it off right BEFORE I STARTED EATING CHILI WITH MY HANDS in my brand-new sweater?”

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