7 Tried & True Ways to Burp a Baby

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There are few things as satisfying to the parent of a baby as the sound of a well-fed little one letting out a loud burp. While burping in public might be considered rude for adults, for babies it's both adorable and a sign that hopefully everything is nice and settled in baby's tummy. Once that good old burp is let loose -- and yes, it can be a while if baby is not ready -- a restful nap or happy playtime can ensue.


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There are many factors that can influence if a baby is going to let out a burp, and if they don't, it can be a pain for everyone. From the way the baby is held, to how forceful a parent pats baby's back, these are all ways that a mom or dad can get tripped up when trying to get baby to let it out. Sometimes those good burps are hard to come by from the standard "put baby on a shoulder and pat the back" method, so we've collected a few other methods of gas relief that will help baby let it all out.

We asked parents for their best burping advice. Some parents admit that their burping technique took a little finessing to get right, but once they did -- perfect baby burps every time. Read on for some of the more creative ways to get a frat-guy-style belch out of the little angel!

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