13 Beautiful Images Capture the Reality of Breastfeeding (PHOTOS)

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Nov 13, 2015 Baby

suzie blakePerfectly orchestrated photos of celebrities breastfeeding in full hair and makeup are all well and good, but moms know the reality of breastfeeding is a lot messier -- and a lot less airbrushed! Now there's a series of photos of real moms nursing in all their unfiltered glory, and guess what? The pics are just as gorgeous as any star's selfie.

Australian artist, photographer, and mother-of-two Suzie Blake was as tired as the rest of us of the ultra-glam version of breastfeeding portrayed in most viral photos, so she decided to document real moms nursing in a series called "What Does Breastfeeding Look Like?"

"When I was feeding my second son, 6-month-old Xavier, I decided to take a self-portrait and post it on Facebook to see if other women would be interested in being photographed in the same way. I was inundated with responses, and so the project began," she writes on her website

"This project is about portraying breastfeeding in all its beautiful messiness. This is about tired eyes and no makeup. This is about milk leaks and ratty hair."

You had us at "tired eyes"! Click through our slideshow to see the beautiful, unvarnished shots, and visit Blake's Tumblr or Indiegogo page for more info on the project.


Image via Suzie Blake/Tumblr