13 Emotions Breastfeeding Moms Feel When Baby Gets First Tooth (GIFS)

Funny baby smiling with toothAfter endless attempts of trying to master the art of latching, you and your baby are finally starting to see eye to eye breast. If you've been on breastfeeding cruise control for some time, be prepared for a little bump in the road known as the baby's first tooth. Maybe nursing a child with teeth won't bother you, and maybe it will. Regardless, you probably felt some of these emotions once ... or twice.


You might feel ...

1. Injured. Hello -- there's a tooth on your nipple! Pain, oh, the pain.

2. Surprised. Sometimes moms don't realize their baby's first tooth officially made its debut. Surpriiissseee.

3. Confused. What happened to those hard gums? Now that your baby's first tooth is here, you might be puzzled as to why you never noticed (it could still be a sprout, so don't feel too bad).

4. Shock. Just when you come to terms with the fact that your baby has a tooth ... you find (or feel) another one. Get ready, mama; more are on the way.

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5. Fearful. OMG, does this mean a future of blood and cracked nipples?! Will my nips turn into hamburger meat?? Don't overthink things. It's not like you're in a horror movie.

6. Attacked. What did I ever do but love you? Obviously your baby doesn't mean to hurt you, so try not to feel personally attacked (I know it probably hurts).

7. Annoyed. Wait, hold up. I brought you into this world, and this is the thanks I get? I'ma need you to keep that tooth under control, please.

8. Hesitant. Don't be too surprised if you start rethinking formula if and when your baby starts to bite you. Even if you decided to throw in the towel, at least you gave breastfeeding a try.

9. Anxious. Will you get bitten today, or will your baby have mercy on your nipples? Unfortunately, there's no way to tell -- which means your guess is as good as mine.

10. Happy. My friend, did you forget about those little things in your cabinets known as bottles? You better use that lifeline.

11. Optimistic. Hey, if you can get through this rough patch, maybe things will get better with time ... and more teeth. Now there's some wishful thinking.

12. Thankful. Whether you quit or not, there's one pleasant reality about your child's getting teeth: solid foods. Eventually your little one won't be on an all–breast milk diet. Hooray!

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13. Sadness. Isn't it funny how moms can go from one emotion to its complete opposite? In the midst of your "my child just got a tooth" happy dance, it's easy for the realities of growing up to set in. Yeah, it's a tooth now, but soon it will be first steps, then potty training, then kindergarten, and then college! Okay, so maybe you do have some time between each, but face it: Your child isn't going to be super small anymore.



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