'Judge Less: Fed Is Best' Photo Series Strives to Put an End to the Breast vs. Bottle-Feeding Battle (PHOTOS)

fed is best Midwest Doulas founders Staci Caspers and Justine Temke are birth doulas and lactation counselors in Minnesota. They started the campaign "Judge Less" to help all moms -- formula feeders and breastfeeders -- feel empowered; they want to put an end to the guilt and shaming. They teamed up with photographer Ashley Rick of St. Paul Photo Co. for these powerful and gorgeous images featured in their yearly calendar. Monies raised go to a great cause. Staci and Justine also shared the photos with us -- you will feel inspired.


Justine says that she and Staci were in love with Ashley's work -- she was the perfect person to capture moms feeding their babies the best that they can. The images are raw and real and will take you back to those moments of feeding your own baby. Formula. Breast. Twins. All beautiful, all are full of love.

This year, the women chose to support the nonprofit Babies Needs Boxes with the calendar profits. Babies Need Boxes provides mothers in need with a box filled with necessary items for the first years of a baby's life -- the box also doubles as a crib. For these women, it's all about support, making sure other moms feel love and encouragement, and to end the mommy war on feeding babies once and for all. Fed is always best. We should all judge less.

Take a look at the incredible photos.


Image via St. Paul Photo Co; Midwest Doulas

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