Holiday Gifts and Decorations: Creative Ways to Recycle Baby Food Jars

baby with snowglobe

photo by JayGirlsMom

This summer, I decided to start saving baby food jars and use them for the wonderful preserves and jams I would make for Christmas gifts. They would look so cute, the jam would taste great, and everyone would be oh-so-impressed. It's December 22 and I've still got a freezer filled with fruit, and a kitchen overrun with little glass jars.


I'm not ruling out my project, but I was interested to see what other things I could do with the jars. I found some great ideas in Answers.

mellanie1998 asked, "What can you do with glass baby food jars? I'm a pre-K teacher and was trying to think of a craft or creative way to use them in my classroom."

Here are some of the ideas she got:

1. Snow Globes. "You can glue plastic figures to the lid and then fill the top with glitter and water. Ue rubber cement on the lids on so they don't come off." —ldmrmom

2. Candy Jars. "Fill them with a small candy like jelly beans or M&M's. Use a festive fabric and ribbon to tie over the top." —wmbeener

3. Wishing Wells. "My aunt used to make them with us. She used baby food jars, clothes pins that were taken apart, glue, ribbon, and little fake flowers and a little fake bear for the inside." —jenniferlee_12

4. Sand Art. "Buy colored sand at the craft store or dye your own. Let the kids fill jars with patterns of colored sand."—ldmrmom

5. Planters. "Pick up seeds of small plants or grass seed. Make faces on the jars with googly eyes, foam shapes, felt, yarn, etc. Fill with potting soil and the seeds."—ldmrmom

Now I can't decide which to choose!

What do you do with your old baby food jars?

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