This Class Teaches Moms How to Carry Babies & Guns at the Same Time ... Wait, What?! (VIDEO)

In light of the recent gun-related events happening across the country, many are coming to the table to discuss safety and access to weapons. While the Second Amendment isn't going away, what are your thoughts on a class that teaches moms how to carry a baby and gun?


Melody Lauer is an Iowa mom and firearm instructor (Melody also works at a parenting center) who wants parents with guns in the home to practice more safety. Back in spring, she made headlines for teaching a rare, concealed carry class that taught moms (dads too) how to safely operate a firearm with their child nearby. From the look of things, Melody's class was a hit -- often requiring multiple slots to accommodate the number of parents looking for advice.

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Discussing guns, especially in our society, is a hot-button issue. With so many tragic situations filling up our timeline -- like the recent shooting in Oregon -- it's only natural for people to question this country's gun policies, and whether or not people should have so much access to weapons.

If you're a parent who owns a gun at home, I think a class like this definitely wouldn't hurt to attend. Melody doesn't appear to push mommies and daddies to get strapped (I'm not talking about a diaper bag) just because they have kids to protect. Guns certainly aren't for everyone, and require a high level of responsibility -- and higher level of safety to keep.

Now that I live in Oklahoma, I'm constantly surrounded by the reality that people can openly carry here (coming from the east coast, I realize it's not the showdown-at-high-noon Western I thought it'd be). Maybe it's my perception based on my environment, but I think a class that promotes safety isn't necessarily a bad thing. I myself wouldn't carry a firearm on me -- especially with my kiddos around (I'm just a nervous person as is to add a gun into the mix) -- but those who make that decision should be as informed as much as possible about potential incidents, and ways to stay safe.

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Honestly, I never thought the concept of guns and babies would go hand in hand, but I guess, in a strange way, it can. Yes, there needs to be a discussion -- and more importantly, action -- about general gun control, but parents who own one (especially with babies and little children) should take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents. What better way than to learn from a firearm instructor who happens to be a mom?

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