The Moment This Nurse Breastfed 1-Month-Old to Calm Him Before Surgery Is Everything (PHOTO)

Every mom has an inexplicable intuition that often isn't wrong. After assisting on a surgery nearby, nurse Li Baoxia heard a baby crying hysterically. With doctors unsure of what to do, the nurse asked to breastfeed the 1-month-old boy so they could begin surgery to remove an abscess. Needless to say, it was successful.


In case you're wondering, it looks like nurse Li Baoxia got permission from the baby's father before it all went down (there's no word about the mother's whereabouts). Li gives new meaning to the concept of a "wet nurse" considering she's a new mom who had no issue "nursing" someone else's child. Had she not intervened, doctors at this Chinese hospital would've likely called off the operation (the boy was given local anesthesia but couldn't stop crying for them to begin the procedure).

Both doctors and this little boy's dad (I know the tweet says girl, but it is in fact a boy) praise nurse Li for her call to action -- and willingness to nurse a baby that wasn't her own.

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Folks don't believe me when I say there's power in liquid gold.

This is such a wonderful story and shows the unexpected generosity of a stranger (even though Li is a nurse, she wasn't assigned to this baby's surgery). So long as she received permission from this child's parent, what she did was pretty awesome, considering most probably weren't thinking about the "hey, I'm hungry" cues. Now, everyone can go home happy -- including this chunky-cheeked baby boy who was likely "milk-drunk" happy.


Image via Daily Mail Online/Twitter

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