Badass Mom Has 'Special Message' for People Who Hate on Public Breastfeeding (PHOTO)

It seems the jury is still out regarding women who breastfeed in public. Whether you say yes, no, or maybe so, there's one mom who couldn't care less. Jennifer Taylor is a Nevada mother of a super cute daughter named Nyomi, and has a special message for people who have issues with public breastfeeding.


"Mind your own tits."

No, really.

Aside from having photos of her nursing her almost-2-year-old reported on Facebook, Jennifer is flat-out tired of people staring at her when she needs to breastfeed Nyomi in public.

My face when people stare at me feeding my child. Females walk around with their titties damn near popping out their...

Posted by Jennifer Taylor on Sunday, September 27, 2015

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As you can see, Jennifer has no problem being direct and to the point. I definitely have to commend this mom for expressing her opinion and not feeling ashamed to feed her child in public. Forty-nine states have breastfeeding laws in place to support mommies like Jennifer who don't want to rush home, or cower in a closet to provide nourishment for her kid.

Look, I get that not everyone is comfortable with seeing a boob out -- but shouldn't that issue extend beyond ladies who opt to naturally feed their child? Like Jennifer, I have to agree there is a bit of a double standard, as it seems like many are OK with those who enjoy the scantily clad life, but think breastfeeding in public is horrendous.

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I breastfeed my son in public (I personally feel more comfortable using a cover, but that's just me) and don't think it needs to be a major spectacle. If everyone could keep calm and carry on with their day, the world would be a brighter place.


Image via Jennifer Taylor/Facebook

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