Stranger's Kindness Toward New Mom on Plane Puts Cranky Passengers to Shame (VIDEO)

When faced with a crying baby that's not your own, what is your first reaction? Some might roll their eyes and throw a tantrum, but not Nyfesha Miller. During a flight with new mom Rebekka Garvison, Nyfesha's random act of kindness towards an infant is receiving tons of praise -- both from Rebekka and strangers alike.


Hoping to surprise her army hubby Nick stationed in Alabama, Rebekka decided to brave the world of flying with an infant as she and her baby daughter, Rylee, left Michigan. Met with side eyes from fellow passengers on the early AM flight, Rebekka's daughter started crying up a storm that caused this new mom to make the decision to switch seats. Call it a coincidence or divine intervention, but this choice was surely a blessing in disguise. Not only was Nyfesha a Good Samaritan who offered to hold the baby, but also an infant whisperer as she was able to get little Rylee to stop crying and sleep the entire flight! Nyfesha, girl, what's your secret?!

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Something amazing happened to me today and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for it. If anyone has ever...

Posted by Rebekka Garvison on Thursday, September 24, 2015

People with small children have all been here. There's an unspoken game of "Oh dear God, please don't let my kid act up" that parents and caregivers play every time they head to a public place. Yes, babies will be babies, but for some reason, not everyone gets that memo. And sometimes no matter how hard you try to entertain and nurse a baby, it might not be enough.

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I for one am super happy Rebekka's Facebook thank-you is getting so much attention. For starters, it's super easy to assume every parent of a misbehaving child (some folks have no issue throwing infants into the mix) throws their hands up and is OK with kicking and screaming -- but that's just not the case. Aside from getting in a car and driving from Michigan to Alabama, at some point, those with little ones do need to get on a plane. One can only hope there are more angels like Nyfesha on the flight who will lend a hand instead of criticism that likely doesn't make the situation any better.

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As a mother of two under 2, I understand the struggle (it's quite real). As beautiful as being a parent is, it can also be super taxing and stressful as you can look down on yourself when things go wrong (technically children are being children, but you know what I mean). I truly hope more people will pay it forward like Nyfesha -- or at the very least, have a wee more compassion for the situation, as this mom was likely trying her best (anyone else hate flights at 5:30 AM?).


Image via Rebekka Garvison/Facebook

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