11 Tots Who Look So Creepy on Their Baby Monitors, You'll Swear They're Possessed

creepy monitor babyIf you've ever peered into a baby monitor at your sleeping -- or not sleeping -- child, you know how creepy that night vision nursery can seem (at any moment, you half expect a reality TV ghost hunter to show up on the screen). That's why posts marked #creepy #babymonitor are currently haunting Instagram, just in time for Halloween: It's like a social media horror movie!


And it truly is horrifying how distorted those cameras make our little darlings look, particularly when their eyes are open!!! I mean, sheesh, a baby who refuses to sleep is already scary. No matter, though -- after you scroll through these paranormal pics, you'll be up all night anyway.

1. Does this one remind anybody else of a toddler version of The Ring?? "Hey Mom, no need to check on me! I'll just hover here with my hair in my face and then drag you off to Hell!"

2. "You think you're watching me, Mom? That's funny, because I'm watching you."

It's like she knows lol #creepy #babymonitor #babygirl #whysoserious

A photo posted by Stephanie Cadzow (@ess.a.see) on

3. Holy Mother of God, what did he do to that stuffed animal?! (If that's even what it is!)

Baby monitors. Easily the scariest part of parenthood. #creepybaby #babymonitor #summerinfant

A photo posted by Brandi Kogut (@brandiwatfordphotography) on

4. On the one hand, definitely the cutest brain-sucking alien invader I've ever seen. On the other, GAAAAAAH!!!


5. So I don't want you to freak out or anything, but your child has almost definitely been replaced by a Jawa.

#somebodyswatchingme #creepy #dropcam #nightvision #elubug

A photo posted by Kris DH (@ravingfig) on

6. On the bright side, this kid would be perfect for a role on American Horror Story

Night vision #dropcam.

A photo posted by Gerard Blanton (@gerardblanton) on

7. What?! NO, WHY?!?!

You guys, forget Freddy Krueger, this is what will make nightmares. ���� #jayceds #dropcam #funbeforebabybedtime

A photo posted by heather margaret. ��� (@heatherdagger) on

8. BRB, calling the exorcist.

#goodnight #sweetdreams #imwatchingyou #creepy #babymonitor

A photo posted by Cristiane Evans (@crisevans) on

9. Before you start hyperventilating, you should know that the demonic elf-looking monster about to eat the baby is actually the kid's dad.


10. Q: How many babies are in this crib? A: One baby, one imposter baby-looking creature about to turn the real baby into a zombie.

11. Pretty cute for a possessed upside down caterpillar from the dark side.


Image via brandiwatfordphotography/Instagram

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