Why Brexting (Breastfeeding & Texting) Is a Very Bad Idea

When it comes to breastfeeding, what consists of your normal routine? Do you sink into your favorite chair as you look upon your precious bundle of joy, or do you whip out your phone to catch up on the latest? Well, ladies, experts now say that "brexting" robs moms of precious mother-child bonding.


I know what you're probably thinking ... what in the hell is "brexting"? In case you didn't guess, brexting is simply breastfeeding while texting -- though I'm sure it encompasses other aspects of using your phone.

It seems everyone from psychologists to lactation nurses are concerned too many mommies are too preoccupied to give their little ones the attention they deserve -- and could possibly miss important cues a baby might give.

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Can we talk?

OK, so I definitely do believe our society in general is so occupied with the Internet that they often miss the very moments in front of them. How many of us have bumped into people walking down the street because we were more concerned about checking Facebook, or something we saw online? Generally speaking, I think all of us could benefit from unplugging more and focusing on our households.

But does that mean a mother who uses her phone while her baby nurses is self-absorbed -- or missing out on key bonding time?

I don't know if I would go that far.

When my sons were born, I was locked and ready to tend to their every need. Don't get me wrong, I still am, but as they get older -- and we spend more time together -- it becomes easier for me to understand their needs (they also got better with communicating). Does this mean I completely ignore them? Absolutely not. Does this mean I watch a YouTube clip, or part of a show on Netflix from time to time, while breastfeeding? I'll admit it, I do.

If the phone can help a mom stay up during those oh-so-wonderful late-night feedings, who am I to judge? My husband isn't going to wake up and entertain me.

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While I do understand the concern, I would hate for a mother to feel as if she's missing out on precious memories she'll never get back because she decided to text or check an email. Given babies nurse several times throughout the day, there's more than enough opportunities to chat and give the tea.

Now putting the phone down during dinnertime and eating together as a family, that's something that might be worth discussing.


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