Mom Abandons Triplets at Hospital Because She Can't Afford Them

One can only imagine how hard the decision is to give up your child. Jeaneta Bente is a 32-year-old Romanian mother of three who recently made headlines for leaving her newborn triplets at the hospital, without intention of returning -- and the reason why will break your heart. 


Jeaneta not only lives in deep poverty, but she is also illiterate. That made getting approval to put her children up for adoption (Jeaneta reportedly only came forward after the media was able to locate her) a little difficult, as she had to use her fingerprint since she can't read or write. From the sound of things, this mom barely gets by supporting the three children she currently has, and doesn't have family support to help her in times of need. 

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I think it's easy to judge a situation like this, given most tend to have an "I would never" response. While I too can't imagine leaving one of my boys at the hospital -- likely never to see them again -- my heart hurts for those involved. I can only pray these baby girls not only get adopted together, but find a loving family that's able to care for them. I also hope Jeaneta is able to somehow better her situation so she can provide for her three remaining children.

Sadly, I've heard one too many stories about families giving up a child they could no longer care for. I'll never forget the years I spent mentoring young girls in Harlem and walking by a 7-year-old (boy was she a firecracker, but one of my favorites) for the last time. As I told her, "See ya tomorrow," little did I know, her grandmother would put her up for adoption.

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You might ask why people who do this had kids in the first place, but no one truly knows the entire story. You don't always have to agree or condone something in order to show a little compassion (I can only imagine the emotions this mother felt). Hopefully these children's journey will have a better ending than how it began.


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