Newborn Gets Herpes Virus From a Loved One's Kiss (PHOTO)

New parents are already nervous as is about their bundle of joy. As you can imagine, one of the last things they want to hear about are more dangers to take heed, but this one deserves your ear. U.K. mom Claire Henderson is warning all parents on the dangers of a newborn getting kissed on the face.


Claire's precious infant, Brooke Henderson, was hospitalized for five days after contracting a herpes virus. As scary as that sounds, what's even more shocking is how she got it: from a kiss on the face.

Take a look at Claire's post that cautions all parents to reconsider letting people get a little too affectionate with your little one.

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Posted by Claire Henderson on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's so hard to imagine a baby suffering from a herpes virus because of a sweet gesture. Unfortunately, the herpes simplex virus can be fatal for infected newborns as their little bodies don't have a developed immune system like adults. While death is certainly the extreme end of the spectrum, symptoms can include a high fever and even seizures.

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Having my second child a few months ago, I only allowed a few close family members to visit us. Call me a worry rat, but I didn't want my baby around a ton of people -- especially since he wasn't vaccinated. I can only imagine how I would've reacted if I saw this then. Hopefully learning about this won't make you reenact Outbreak, though it is good to know about things that are potentially life-threatening to your child.


Image via Claire Henderson / Facebook

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