Mom Kicked Out of Gym Locker Room for Breastfeeding (VIDEO)

A mother's down time is precious and scarce as most of us know -- so why on earth was a nursing mom told not to breastfeed inside a gym locker room?


Folks are pissed at an LA Fitness Center in Georgia after an employee told Caroline Hoffman she couldn't breastfeed her baby inside a locker room.

Did she not re-rack her weights or something to get so much attention?

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I'm happy the district manager sent Caroline an apology and clarified that she did not have to sit on a public toilet or at the entrance to nurse her child.

As a gym rat, let me just say that I get the image many like to portray. In many ways, fitness centers have become "the scene" where people love making red carpet entrances in their newest apparel. But does this mean a mom can't feed her baby in a sea of glistening bodies and people taking gym selfies?

Is there simply no room in the "no-flex zone" for someone who wants to provide nutrients to another without it coming from a huge protein tub?

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Any mom who has time to go to the gym knows how much you covet that window of opportunity (not counting the working out part, that can suck). It's already stressful enough trying to exercise, think about child care and whether or not you're lactating through your sports bra. Now you have to think about what corner you need to hide in to breastfeed your baby (with a cover no less)?

I understand that not everyone is down with nursing in public, but perhaps the time has come to provide moms who do a spot -- especially if you provide a children's area in your facility -- that doesn't include flushing toilets. Given this mom probably finished exercising, I think we can give her a break in running to and from the car just to breastfeed her kid.


Image via WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

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