Six Big Brothers Meet Their Baby Sister (VIDEO)

Brother with sisterFor North Carolina mom Cher Lair, having a baby has always meant one thing: more blue. After SIX boys in a row, Lair got the surprise of her life last spring when she found out that she had a girl on the way. The video of her amazed reaction to the gender reveal went viral and even landed her on the Ellen show. Now a new video from the family shows the reactions of all the brothers to their new sister, and it is the cutest thing ever.


But, first, let's relive the moment when everyone found out that sweet baby Ruby was on her way.

Yeah, I think she was a little excited!

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In August, baby Ruby was born and got to meet her six big brothers, ranging in age from 2 to 13. It is pretty clear from the video below that her brothers are pretty smitten with the newest member of the family.

You have to love the range of reactions! From the fears of pink taking over the house to the promises to become a police officer to protect her, it is clear these brothers think having a baby sister is something special.

Something tells me that Miss Ruby is going to have plenty of protection as she gets older!


Image via nettv todaynews/YouTube

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