This Baby Girl Can't Stop Laughing When Her Dad Tries to Cut Her Nails (VIDEO)

There's nothing more beautiful to a parent's ears like a child laughing (it sure beats hearing kids scream). Brazilian mom Marcelinha Dos Santos was able to capture one of the sweetest moments you'll ever see on video. Watch this baby give her dad a hard time cutting her nails and then we'll talk.


Seriously, it's OK to replay this a few times, as those laughs never get old.

Aside from this little girl's being super cute (she is head-to-toe adorable), the banter between her and her father is too precious for words. It's pretty clear Pops was nervous enough trying to cut his daughter's nails, so when she scares him right before he tries, you can't help my laugh and say awww!

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Now, I don't speak baby, but maybe she was like, "Dad, what are you doing?" -- or, "Where are the nail clippers that are my size?"

Excuse me while I watch this again.


Image via Pri-Fla-E-Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama/YouTube

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