Parents Reunited With Now 3-Month-Old Son After He Was Switched at Birth (VIDEO)

The birth of a child is supposed to be one of the greatest joys a person can ever experience (well, once the child is here -- not the pain that comes with the territory). Mercedes and Richard Cushworth had no idea of the emotional roller coaster in store for them as they finally reunited with their son who was switched at birth.


I know it's hard to imagine, but just allow that to sink in for a minute. You carry your bundle of joy, deliver your baby (they had theirs in Nicaragua where Mercedes is from), and kiss your baby before another one is put in your arms. Sure, there are tests hospitals and birthing facilities need to run to make sure your child is safe, but the point of the story is that you actually get back your kid.

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To think about leaving a country with someone else's child and never knowing if you would see your own again is unfathomable. I'm so thankful this family was reunited with their now-3-month-old son (his name is Moses), who appears to be unharmed.

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What makes this story even more unbelievable is not the fact this baby boy was swapped for another child, but that investigators are looking into the matter, as it could be tied with human trafficking.


The Cushworths believe their child was targeted by all involved -- which likely will include the doctor and his staff -- given the baby would have fairer skin. To say any form of slavery is grisly would be an understatement, but to sell babies on the black market? I can't even ... Sadly, this is the sick world we live in with close to 21 million victims of human trafficking (5.5 million are estimated to be children).

This couple definitely had some serious faith, as they appeared relentless when it came to getting back baby Moses. It also fills my heart to hear they were willing to keep the child sent home with them, as I wondered what would be his fate (it looks like he was returned to his biological parents). After all, he didn't ask to be involved in all of this.

While three months have gone by since this family has been together, they will hopefully have many more years to fill their lives with beautiful memories.


Image via FOX 5 NY

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