Dad Explains Meaning of Life to Wonderstruck Baby (VIDEO)

Sooner or later you'll bear witness to the fact that kids don't always know what the heck a parent is talking about. This video of Jason Silva philosophizing about life with his baby girl is enough to make you laugh out loud.


Where else can you see a baby bask in her daddy's presence as she's hears about melded software and wetware Androids?

Thinking about the miracle of life... A captivating imagining of a baby's mind

Posted by Jason Silva on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

As great as Jason's monologue was, baby girl probably had two things on her mind: her next feeding and the best time to take a poop.

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Still, it's pretty funny how cute little ones look when they try so hard to figure out what you're saying.


Image via Jason Silva / Facebook

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