10 Superfoods Parents Should Be Feeding Their Babies


baby superfoodIf parents want to give a little boost to their baby's health with every meal, they can load up on so-called "superfoods" and they're solid. "'Superfoods' is simply a term for nutrient-dense foods that offer great health benefits," explains Diana Di Fabio, MS, RD, a pediatric dietician at the Cleveland Clinic Children's.

Superfoods are particularly important for babies and toddlers because unlike all us adults, their bodies and brains are still developing.


"For babies, these foods aid in overall growth by providing high quality building blocks for development of strong bones and a healthy immune, digestive, and nervous system," Di Fabio continues.

Superfoods offer a ton of benefits such as being rich in antioxidants or protein and may have some hidden bonuses, such as keeping baby's digestive running on track and giving a boost to baby's developing brain. And these are foods that babies tend to love -- whether they're eating out of a jar or pouch or prepared at home.

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Here are 10 superfoods parents should try feeding their babies, along with why they're so healthy. Plus we've found some delicious ways to prepare these foods that will leave babies wanting more, more, more!


What foods do you love to feed your baby?

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