Blake Lively’s $860 Diaper Bag Will Probably Never Come Anywhere Near an Actual Diaper (PHOTO)

Actress and lifestyle maven Blake Lively has another new baby -- and you can hold this one if you want to. Lively introduced a $860 leather baby bag on her website, It's named after her real-life daughter, James. Care to find out what you'll be getting for your nearly 900 bucks?


Here it is, the beautiful Preserve James bag in "cognac." It also comes in "blue."

The James bag is made with "premium" Horween leather. Horween is a Chicago-based leather company which has "set the standard for the highest quality leathers since 1905," according to the company website. It is "premium" plaid lined, though I see no indication that this plaid is made in Scotland using traditional tartans. Disappointing -- an oversight, I'm sure.

The diaper bag has an imported RiRi zipper from Swizerland. Did you even know such a thing exists? Neither did I. But now that I know the Swiss are making zippers named after Rihanna I think I need to order several and replace every zipper in my life with them.

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The leather is "hand-distressed" and handcrafted in the USA by Sandast. At first I thought that read "students" and I was picturing Bard College students carrying each James bag around with them for a whole semester before they're sold. But no, Sandast is a Los Angeles–based leather goods manufacturer that specializes in accessories that look a bit "aged and rugged" and help you "make your own story."

Except you'll be making your own story with a diaper bag named after someone else's baby. Is that weird? We don't blame Lively at all for naming her bag after her own daughter. Makes total sense. But she probably wouldn't mind at all if you renamed yours after your own child. The Liam! 

As for the price tag -- yowch! That's gonna hurt. But let's just say you've got food, shelter, retirement, wheels, and your baby's college tuition covered with LOADS to spare. Maybe then I could see justifying the expense. After all, it's a premium diaper bag. PRIMO. Which means it'll probably live through a couple more babies. Just don't let those babies anywhere near it. Or any actual diapers.


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