Police Break Into a Hot Car to Save a Baby That Wasn't a Baby

Some things are so odd, you have to stop and ask yourself, Did that really just happen? Police in Oakland, California, were on it with the quickness after getting a report of a baby left unattended in a car. However, once they smashed the window, cops were shocked to discover they rescued a lifelike baby doll from a hot car.


I can only imagine the look emergency personnel gave each other when they finally realized the child in danger wasn't even real. Frustration wouldn't begin to describe my emotions, as it takes some serious effort to break car windows -- especially when a life is at stake.

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I don't know if the owner of the vehicle is the proud caregiver of one of those reborn dolls, or was using a faux baby as practice for the real thing. Regardless, they get an F in child safety (kidding). Obviously no one's life was in harm's way here (thank God), but if you didn't want to take the baby doll with you, why not leave it somewhere else other than a car seat -- especially when kids dying in hot cars is a real thing? I personally wouldn't do it, but to each their own I guess.

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These days, folks (myself included) are on high alert and have no problems patrolling a few parking lot aisles to make sure no little one or dog is forgotten. I commend the police for acting so swiftly about the matter, as some, unfortunately, don't get there in time.

I came so close to breaking inside someone's car the other day, which almost resulted in a similar outcome as this story. There I was with my 1 1/2-year-old heading to Target, when I walked by a car with what looked to be a baby inside the car seat. Because the windows were tinted, I did my best to check and make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Thinking about how I would break in (mama doesn't box and take MMA classes for nothing), a white tag attached to the "baby" in question's leg caught my eye. Needless to say, I was extremely thankful it wasn't a real child, but even more hot -- on top of being hot from the Oklahoma summer -- someone would leave this in his or her car seat.

Maybe some people use it as a reminder to take their child out the car (I have to Kanye shrug on that one), or maybe a kid forgot to grab it while you were on a mad dash somewhere. Situations like this make me wonder if both the car owner and insurance are understanding if and when a person busts the windows out their vehicle? Kind of makes you rethink leaving a lifelike baby in the car seat (for the record, I would totally pay for a window I busted if there was a lifelike baby inside).


Image via KGO-TV 13 News/ABC

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