Mom Shocked to Discover Her Adorable Newborn Has Teeth (VIDEO)

Moms are oftentimes anxious to meet the little person baking inside their oven. It really becomes easy to spend time counting all those fingers and toes as you bask in their presence. Tracey Howard got the shock of her life, as the Kansas City mother never expected to see her baby girl with teeth of all things.


As you can see, little De'Syiah Baker has two bottom teeth to make her smile shine even brighter.

Natal teeth are typically present at birth and are pretty uncommon. In most cases, doctors will remove them while the child is still in the hospital as they can be hazardous to a baby (they can be so loose, a baby can swallow them). Luckily De'Syiah's set appears to be firm, which means she hit a new milestone: the need to brush (yay!). Anyone who has a growing tot knows this is an arduous but necessary endeavor.

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After I delivered my now 3-month-old son, I thought he had natal teeth because his gums were so thick. Being the worry rat that I am (sometimes, natal teeth are signs of a syndrome), I made an early appointment with the pediatrician to take a look. As it turns out, he might have a bright career as a morning show cohost given he'll likely have that Michael Strahan smile.


Image via WDAF Fox 4 News

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