10 Breathtakingly Beautiful Photos of Moms Breastfeeding Their Kids (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Sep 7, 2015 Baby

breastfeedingFor many years, Tammy Schmit hid every time her kids needed to nurse. "I sat on bathroom floors and even covered up in my own house so that I wouldn't risk offending anyone," she admits. Since then, though, she has turned a new leaf: She now works to erase the shame and stigma around nursing by taking gorgeous photographs of breastfeeding moms.

"My goal is to help remove the stigma of nursing in public -- this is not a behavior that should be seen as inappropriate or dirty," says Schmit, mother of three. "Mothers should not feel ashamed to feed and comfort their children in public no matter their age."

So she put out feelers to moms -- and many stepped forward to participate in her photo shoot, which occurred on August 2 to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

The moms not only posed for photos, but shared their experiences around breastfeeding -- both good and bad. "Several of them are quiet and reserved, so this is a leap outside of their comfort zones," Schmit says. Check out their stories and amazing photos for an intimate glimpse at what breastfeeding means to moms today.


Image via Little Leapling Photography

  • Holly


    "There is an overwhelming amount of stolen tender moments and a peace that settles over my body and heart at the end of the day when I nursed both my babies to sleep. Breastfeeding has transformed me into the mother I am. Strong, loving, and humble." -- Holly, mother of 4- and 1-year-old

  • Liz


    "I found out I was pregnant with my son when I was only 15. It was heartbreaking for myself and my family that I was so young, but regardless I wanted to make the best choices for my son. I remember sitting at points crying from the pain and not even wanting to continue because I was so frustrated. In the end, we were very successful and I am so thankful." -- Liz, mother of 11-year-old and 21-month-old

  • Melissa


    "Before my son was born, I never knew how meaningful and important breastfeeding would become for me and for my children. I simply thought that it was an excellent way to feed a baby. Over the past four years, I have come to realize that nursing is so much more than good nutrition -- and that it is beneficial for children even as they grow past infancy. Nursing is nourishment, comfort, bonding, security, trust, sleep, closeness, humor, and love." -- Melissa, mother of 4-year-old and 16-month-old

  • Megan


    "When Ezekiel was born, he had a horrible latch; it made breastfeeding painful and I just wanted it to stop. I didn't have any help with breastfeeding and I was ashamed to ask for help because it sounded horrible that I didn't know how to feed my own child. But I finally got up the courage to get help and I'm so glad we did. He is now 17 months old and still nursing strong with no signs of stopping anytime soon. It is no longer painful and now we are able to bond and enjoy our time together and it is absolutely beautiful!" -- Megan, mother of a 17-month-old

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  • Haylee


    "When my daughter was 8 months old and still exclusively nursing, we conceived my son. Several doctors told me we would lose him if I didn't wean; then he was officially diagnosed as a miscarriage. I was heartbroken AND felt like it was my fault for being so selfish to not switch to formula. Yet ten days later another doctor detected a heartbeat; he told me that nursing my daughter did not and would not cause me to miscarry. We were able to nurse my entire pregnancy, even during active labor, and hours after birth I nursed them together for the first time." -- Haylee, mother of four

  • Amanda


    "I breastfeed all my four children, but when my youngest son was just 13 weeks, a health concern required me to take a medication, for life, that will not allow me to breastfeed any longer. But I was determined to give my son the best. He has been solely on donor milk since his last day of nursing from me. We have been so blessed to have had over 30 mothers donate their milk to my son, so that he could not only thrive on breast milk, but also all of their love." -- Amanda, mother of four

  • Ashleigh


    "I met my husband before my second daughter and he has been a huge blessing when it comes to breastfeeding. He supported the fact that I was pro-formula at the time and suggested that I give breastfeeding another try before I call it quits. I breastfed my second for two beautiful months before I had to return to work and my supply dried up (which was heartbreaking). Since having our third, I embrace breastfeeding to its full extent. We are six months strong, with hopefully a longer road ahead of us." -- Ashleigh, mother of three

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  • Serena


    "Our journey had a difficult beginning. Latching has been our biggest struggle. Using a nipple shield had always made me feel like a failure until I realized it really doesn’t matter how you feed your baby as long as they’re healthy and happy. I am so lucky my husband was my biggest supporter; because of his promise to not let me give up, I am still breastfeeding today. I love everything about our journey, I feel it has made me a stronger person and the best mother I could possibly be." -- Serena, mother of a 6-month-old girl

  • Jasmine


    "Breastfeeding wasn't something that came easy to me. It's not something I grew up around, so when I mentioned I was going to do it, the negative reaction had a great impact on my decisions. That's something I do regret. There are mothers out there who feel ashamed to nurse in public, even with a cover. I was that mom. Here I am now with my 4-month-old and no one could say anything to make me feel any kind of way." -- Jasmine, mother of three

  • Deanna


    "As a first-time mom, I went to the breastfeeding class offered by the hospital, but nothing can really prepare you for the hard work ahead of you. So I started attending my local La Leche League group, which has turned out to be a great resource for me to go and voice any concerns I may be having and just listen to other moms' breastfeeding experiences. Overall, breastfeeding is what works best for our family. In the La Leche League meetings we have talked about taking what works best for our family and leaving the rest." -- Deanne, mother of two

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