10 Breathtakingly Beautiful Photos of Moms Breastfeeding Their Kids (PHOTOS)

breastfeedingFor many years, Tammy Schmit hid every time her kids needed to nurse. "I sat on bathroom floors and even covered up in my own house so that I wouldn't risk offending anyone," she admits. Since then, though, she has turned a new leaf: She now works to erase the shame and stigma around nursing by taking gorgeous photographs of breastfeeding moms.


"My goal is to help remove the stigma of nursing in public -- this is not a behavior that should be seen as inappropriate or dirty," says Schmit, mother of three. "Mothers should not feel ashamed to feed and comfort their children in public no matter their age."

So she put out feelers to moms -- and many stepped forward to participate in her photo shoot, which occurred on August 2 to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

The moms not only posed for photos, but shared their experiences around breastfeeding -- both good and bad. "Several of them are quiet and reserved, so this is a leap outside of their comfort zones," Schmit says. Check out their stories and amazing photos for an intimate glimpse at what breastfeeding means to moms today.


Image via Little Leapling Photography

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