Oklahoma Daycare Accused of Drugging Babies to Make Them Sleep

Mommies, please, oh please let this story serve as a lesson to trust your gut! No matter how crazy people make you feel, there's nothing like a mother's intuition. Leslee Meade is more than likely trying to process her feelings, and rightfully so, after she sensed something wasn't right in the atmosphere concerning her son. Shockingly, she was right. A sheriff's department in Durant, Oklahoma, is currently investigating Leslee's daycare that gave babies Benadryl to make them sleep (allegedly of course) -- including Leslee's son, 6-month-old Hendrix.


It seems staff at this oh-so-awesome daycare finally had the courage to come forward and alert authorities about this potentially harmful practice.

Sure, some of our parents, and even grandparents for that matter, likely believed in old-school methods of getting kids to sleep that included Mom drinking a little beer. I get that (not saying I fully agree). What's very dangerous about this situation is that, as a parent, you're completely left in the dark about what your childcare provider is "providing" your kid. The FDA has warned time and time again about the dangers of giving infants over-the-counter medicine, so yeah, you bet the last dollar in your wallet there are parents out there pissed to think of someone doing this on the down low.

While I'll never understand why people make certain decisions -- especially when it comes to babies -- believe this: I have sneakers by the door, grease in my purse, and bail money in my savings account should a person want to test my patience when it comes to my children.

I'm so glad no children involved were hurt and I truly hope justice is served.


Image © Greg Vote/Tetra Images/Corbis

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