This Mom of Twin Girls Can't Hold Back Tears of Joy as They Hear for the First Time (VIDEO)

There are so many ways parents can bond with their babies. For mothers in particular, one common way is to speak to your children while they are in the womb, so they can become even more acquainted with your voice. Gemila Hernandez never had that opportunity as her 6-month-old daughters, Kiara and Kayla, were born deaf. With insurance turning them away, Gemila and her husband, Raul, never thought their girls would hear their voices -- that was until a nonprofit gave the twins hearing aids.


Seriously, it's hard not to watch this over and over again. While I'm sure these baby girls are having a "what the heck is going on" moment, the reaction of this mother is EVERYTHING!

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I can recall both of my sons' responses to hearing my voice in the "real world." It's one of many memories I'll take with me on this beautiful and messy journey called motherhood. My heart jumps with nothing but complete joy for this mom -- and others for that matter, who are able to get the financial support they need to make dreams of their child hearing a reality.


Image via NBC 4 News Southern California

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