Baby Boy Loves His Mom's Silly Animal Noises So Much He Literally Can't Even (VIDEO)

baby boy laughIf there's one thing all sane people can agree on, it's that the sound of a baby laughing is the best sound in the world. Seriously, it's impossible to hear a baby laugh and not smile -- which is exactly why everybody needs to watch this video of a baby boy losing it over his mom's animal noises.


You never know what, exactly, is going to tickle a baby's funny bone -- but animal noises are usually a pretty big hit. And for the adorable little guy in this video, it's his mom's puppy impression ("woof, woof!") that really does it. Be prepared to smile:

Awwww! Doesn't that just make your cheeks hurt?! What a sweet boy. Who can even stand the cute?? Full disclosure: My 9-month-old does the same thing right now whenever we read him his favorite book, and it's the best thing ever.

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Seriously, this phase of babyhood is like half the reason why I had kids in the first place. It's pure bliss. And so fleeting! At least we have video. I can guarantee this mom is going to rewatch this clip ad infinitum once this little boy hits the tween phase. Oh yeah. It will probably save him from being grounded at least a couple of times.

Until then, little man: Woof woof!


Image via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

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