Luke Bryan Song Magically Stops Baby From Crying (VIDEO)

Certain celebrities are worth every penny they charge to download their music. Just ask this mama who used a throwback song she played for her baby in the womb that apparently still strikes the right chord. You have to see this video of a newborn that stops crying because of Luke Bryan and his magical voice.


I know what you're thinking: What is this wizardry and do they sell it in stores? Unfortunately, that answer is no, but at least you can take a sigh of relief with this mother as she finally gets her baby to sleep.

All of us as moms have been in this situation. You're tired. The baby's tired. It's the classic mom-versus-kid showdown that will only manifest in certain areas down the road.

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While Luke Bryan is a dream, I found that my kids stop fighting the inevitable (sleep that is) when they hear the soft sounds of Bob Marley.

Whatever works ... and is legal!


Image via juicebucci871/YouTube

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