7 Cakes Celebrating a Baby's Circumcision That Cut a Little Too Close to Home (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Sep 24, 2015 Baby

circumcision cakeCakes are staples for any celebration, from birthdays to baby showers. Only what about a newborn's circumcision? As weird and draconian as it sounds, cakes are made to mark this event, too.

Just one problem: Rather than topping these sweets with candles or Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, cakes celebrating a baby's circumcision feature screaming babies and bloody genitals. Check out this slideshow to get a glimpse at just how disturbing circumcision cakes can get.


Image via heresalink

  • The 'Whale of a Time' Cake


    Image via Cake Wrecks

    Let's start out with a more G-rated cake. To be honest, we don't get what circumcision has to do with whales -- is marine life supposed to distract the baby from the searing pain in his groin?

  • The 'Piece of Cake' Circumcision Cake


    Image via The Sanctuary

    Is circumcision a "piece of cake"? We kinda doubt the baby feels that way, as is evidenced by the tearful tot depicted on top.

  • The 'Cry for Help' Cake


    Image via heresalink

    This cake features not only a crying baby, but the goods getting sliced below, just in case anyone tries to forget what this is all about.

  • The 'Thanks for Slicing My Genitals' Cake


    Why do just cake when you can do cupcakes? Only we highly doubt poor Fajji is really feeling all that thankful.

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  • The Turkish 'Sunnet' Cake


    Image via Myspecial Cakes

    This cake is called a "Sunnet celebration cake" -- Turkish for "time to slice my baby's genitals!" Plus in this country circumcision traditionally occurs between the ages of 2 and 14 ... in other words, the boy may be old enough to remember everything. Yikes.

  • Circumcision Cupcakes That Are Almost Cute


    Image via CupCakeideas

    Awww, as far as cupcakes topped with tiny penises go, these are pretty adorable ... which makes the idea of slicing or biting into them all the more horrifying.

  • The Circumcision Cake That Cuts to the Chase


    Image via imgur

    This really spells things out -- no peppy exclamation points or embellishments or decorations necessary.

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