This Hilarious 'Nursing Queen' Parody Should Be on Every Breastfeeding Mom's Playlist (VIDEO)

If Queen Bey (Beyoncé that is) inspired you to "Run the World," this ABBA spoof should empower you to keep that liquid gold flowing. The Laughing Moms are back at it again with the pro-breastfeeding video "Nursing Queens."


"You can nurse. You can pump. You're making the nectar of life."

Feel free to dance along!

Come on, is this not great?!

You gotta love these two gals as they aren't afraid to have a little fun and make something very catchy. Sadly, breastfeeding is still a controversial topic for some in this society. Perhaps more videos like this will make it less of a "thing" so we can all come together in rad jumpsuits and high-waist jeans.

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Too bad Alisha and Eden didn't have auditions, as I would've loved to be in this video. Was there not a part for a nursing mom chasing her blanket down the street that blew away?


Image via Laughing Moms/YouTube

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