5 Things You Should Immediately Do When Someone Starts Breastfeeding At Your Party

On a recent episode of Vermont Public Radio's The Frequency with Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, the question was asked about what's the proper way to breastfeed your baby at a party.The etiquette experts suggest you take your baby to a quiet area of the house and nurse in private. I think that's a pretty stupid idea. 


Why would you want to go hide in a private room at a freakin' party? It's a party! Why should everyone else have all the fun while you go hide in a quiet room just to feed your baby? That's nonsense. The question that was asked was: 

As a young woman who plans to have children one day, I would love to know, what is the proper etiquette for breastfeeding at a party?

And even though both radio hosts said that breastfeeding is natural and wonderful, they said the other guests may be made to feel uncomfortable because breastfeeding may be something that they don't encounter daily and mom and baby may feel more comfortable nursing in a quiet room of the house. Away from the party guests. It's my opinion that this is pretty stupid advice, so how would I suggest you breastfeed at a party? Here are my tips for guests who encounter a mom feeding her child in the middle of a party.

1. Continue Talking to the Mom 


If a mom whips out her breast to feed her infant while you are discussing Orange Is the New Black, don't stop talking to her! Breastfeeding can be boring, and the mom is probably dying for some adult conversation. Simply continue your discussion as usual. 

2. Offer Her a Delicious Beverage 


A glass of wine or other refreshing cocktail won't harm the baby and may help with letdown when it comes to lactation issues. Moms can totally drink alcohol while breastfeeding. As long as mom isn't driving while drinking, she should totally be able to enjoy a cocktail. So stop being so lazy and selfish and go get her one. 

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3. Offer Her a Yummy Hors D'oeuvre


Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories and can make new moms pretty hungry. Stop hogging all the pigs in blankets and mini quiches and share the wealth. 

4. Put On Her Favorite Song


It's a party for crissakes. Moms like to party, but no one wants to party when the music ain't pumpin'. Ask her what her jam is and go take over the stereo. 

5. Stop Staring at Her Like a Freakin' Weirdo 


What? You have never seen boobs doing what boobs are supposed to do before? Get over it. Stop staring. Sheesh. 


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