Hilaria Baldwin Shares a Breastfeeding Selfie From Her Best Angle (PHOTO)

Mom of two Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of her new baby breastfeeding, but this time it's from her own mama's view. It couldn't be sweeter. This perspective may look wonderfully familiar to a lot of us.


Baldwin posted the photo to Instagram to mark national breastfeeding week, but she was careful to include all moms in her caption. "In the end, regardless of our methods, #AllMommiesUnite and whatever way we love and nurture our children is beautiful, perfect, and inspiring."

I couldn't agree more, whether you breastfeed or formula feed. What could be more beautiful than the sight of your baby feeding, cuddled up next to you? It's such a warm, cozy feeling for you and for your baby.

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For those moms who do choose breastfeeding -- who are able to -- it can be a struggle, and the support of other breastfeeding mothers is incredibly valuable. This photo could help some moms keep going even through the soreness and fatigue.

But above all that it's just a reminder of how precious our babies are to us and how gratifying it is to feed our children. We treasure these quiet moments. They get rarer and rarer the older our kids get, so you have to appreciate them!


Image via Taborsky/shutterstock

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