What's Your Baby's Comfort Toy?

I was listening to a radio program about traveling with babies, and one of the tips was to always bring a "copy" of your baby's comfort toy or blanket. The idea being, that if one got lost, you'd have another one on hand. Crisis averted. Baby never need know the truth. Ever since hearing that I've been on the lookout for an exact replica of my baby's chosen object of comfort. And not just for traveling. We could lose it any time, any where.


In the PLAYSKOOL Preschool Group, evaleesmom asked people to post photos of their little ones with their comfort items. The pictures are so sweet. There are blankies and stuffed toys and sweet faces.

There's a little boy in my daughter's music class who brings his comfort toy with him wherever he goes—it's his "guitar" (a.k.a. his mom's old hairbrush). It's so cute seeing him around town carrying it.

My baby loves her blankie. Kind of boring I know, but she adores it. She lights up when she sees it, and she burrows her face and body in it. I don't know when or how she chose this particular blanket among all her other belongings, but her decision has been made.

I searched high and low for months for the blanket, which was given to us by a friend, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Then, the other day Mr. Cafe Suzanne gave me an early Christmas present—he found it! Now the carbon copy is safely tucked away ... just in case.

What's your baby's comfort toy? How old was he when you knew the toy was "the one"? Do you have an "extra" one?

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