Talking to My Baby

mom talking to a baby

When my baby started cooing and grunting at around 2 months, it was like music to my ears - some of the sweetest sounds I had ever heard. The more I listened and observed him do it, the more I wanted to engage him and have him do it some more. I couldn't get enough.


I remember spending a whole afternoon, just laying next to my baby as he batted about with toys and kicked in delight. I put my face near his and cooed right along with him. It seemed as if we were singing together. The more I made soft baby noises at him, the more he responded. It was amazing to have his full attention.

Face to face time with your baby is so important, not only for bonding but for helping him or her develop new found skills. By sitting with him that afternoon, I felt like I was helping him understand that his cooing was a form of communication with me! 

How do you encourage your baby to talk?


About christina f: My name is Christina Fiedler, and I am a parenting writer based in Los Angeles, CA. My husband and I are parents to a four year old boy, and we are currently expecting our second baby boy due this summer - I always knew I'd have a bunch of boys! I'm so happy to be sharing my personal stories with you and can't wait to get started!
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